On Line Excel training

Screen shot of Filtered websiteAnnouncing a partnership between Extra-Ordinary XL and Filtered.com to bring you the very best in on-line Excel training.

Take a look at the Filtered website to find out a whole lot more. Get the advantage of a 25% discount by using this link for your individual Excel training needs.

The Filtered course first applies a clever diagnostic tool to customize your course meaning you don’t spend time studying what you already know. So if you are upgrading to Excel 2013, brushing up on your VBA skills, or starting from scratch, this is the very thing for you.

Filtered’s training for companies incorporates supervisor management and includes certified testing to benchmark Excel ability and prove your employees competency. If company training is the way for you, then contact me and I will put you in touch with Filtered direct. More details on their YouTube video.


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