Goodbye XL2003

Excel Spreadsheet

Last week Microsoft announced that it would no longer be supporting the much loved Windows XP system. Alongside this announcement, but not so widely publicised, was that support for Office 2003 was also being stopped. And what is included in Office 2003? Why Excel 2003 and all its previous incarnations. A sad day indeed; the closing of an era.

So who still uses these spreadsheets? Will it effect them, and what can be done?

There is no doubt that the step up from XL2003 to XL2010 or even XL2013 will be quite a steep learning curve for some who may have been using their version for quite some time. In fact they will find it difficult to purchase a legal copy of Office to replace the version on their desktop. It is all in the “clouds” now. Will thousands of Excel 2003 users migrate to upgraded Excel versions as Microsoft no doubt hope? Personally I think not. There are many free alternatives available now that will read Excel files quite well, and older files can be read and edited in”compatibility” mode in XL2007 and XL2010.

Only time will tell – as the saying goes. But Extra-Ordinary XL is here to help with any transitions if we can.

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