Make the Comment and save the space

Did you know that you can add a comment box to any cell in your worksheet?

Every now and then you enter some text into a cell of your worksheet which is just too long to see fully. To widen the column throws the size of the page out, looks unprofessional and alters the print settings. Arrgh!

So here is an idea to overcome this small, but irritating problem: Add a Text Box to the cell containing the text from the cell. When you hover over, or click the cell up pops the Text Box revealing the hidden text!



Here’s how:

1) Select the cell with the partially hidden text. In the Formula Bar select and copy the text using the right click menu or Ctrl C. Note Copy the text in the formula bar not the cell itself.  This will ensure the text is saved to the clipboard.

2) Click on the same cell again and insert a Comment, by the right click menu “Insert Comment”, or using the shortcut keys Alt, R, C, or from the Review tab selecting “New Comment”.

3) The Comment Box appears in edit mode ready for inserting text. Press Ctrl V and the text from the cell is in the box. You may at this point want to tidy the box by deleting your name (or similar) that is in bold text already in the box. The box now appears by default when the cell is hovered over or selected.

SP32-150520131542Lots of options to change font, background colour, borders etc using the Format Comments on the right click menu.

For printing options use the Sheet tab in the Page Setup menu via Print preview, or Page Layout tab, or the Alt, P, S, P  shortcut key combination.

EOXL Quick Tip: For “ALT” shortcut key combinations, press and release the Alt key, then press and release the next key, and so on. Watch the menu bar!
Bonus, Bonus Go to our sister website for a FREE spreadsheet containing a macro that does all of the above, and more, automatically!

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