Excel 2013 Double Vision has Arrived

Did you know that you can get the 2013 twin screen view in older Excel versions?



Excel 2013 has arrived with some great new features, including the much heralded ability to open and use two files at once. Ideal if you use two screens and want to transfer Excel data between the two.

However if you are not lucky enough to have the Excel 2013 upgrade there is a way to get the same effect – of sorts!

The above image is a simulation of the twin file effect in Excel 2010, but the same system can be used in version 2007 and prior.

EOXL Quick tip: If you opt for a dual screen system, make sure the screens are the same size and resolution.
They should also be at the same height as, from experience, it hurts your eyes if not!


SP32-150420131535Once your dual screen system is set up open Excel. Click on the outer windows Excel button so that Excel does not fill the whole of one screen and you can see some of your desktop.

Windows XP with “Follow” screen desktop background is shown on the left.

Now grab the speckled area in the bottom right of your Excel file with your mouse, – shown in the dual screen image above – pull and extend Excel onto your second screen. Adjust to fully fit both of your screens.



SP32-07022013111540By clicking on the inner windows file button the size of the file window can be altered to fit into one monitor. Open the second file you wish to work on. If you cannot see both files navigate to the “View” tab and click on the “Switch Windows” button. Resize the second file to fit into the second monitor.

If you have used the “Split screen” feature in Excel before this is very similar.

Only one file is active at any one time; click on the one you want to use. Some limitations, and it does take a while get used to using two (or more) files side by side. But knowing where from and to is useful in copying and pasting, and you can drag data from one file window to the other.


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