Do Your Hyperlinks Stink?

Did you know that in Excel you can turn off automatic Hyperlink creation?



Hyperlinks creation in your Excel spreadsheets are so easy to do. Just type in and Excel automatically creates the link to open the website.

EOXL Quick tip: Add a space to the end of your text if the link fails to activate

If you want to disable the hyperlink; right click on the cell and select “Remove Hyperlink” from the drop down menu.

(Applies to versions XL2007 and XL2010)

The result of the “Remove Hyperlink” selection is that the text reverts to the default font size and style of the sheet.

But……. as soon as you edit, or copy and paste the cell, it reverts back to the Hyperlink style format.

Plus….. if you have reformatted the cell into a different font or size, then using “Remove Hyperlink” returns the cell formatting back again to the default style for the sheet. Aargh!


To prevent Excel from converting any text that looks like a hyperlink into one, we need to change an Excel default setting.

In XL2007 click on the Office button and select the Excel Options button.

In XL2010 it is the File tab then Options.

Once in the Excel Options menu select

Proofing from the left hand side, then the AutoCorrect Options button.

In the Auto Correct window go to the AutoFormat As You Type tab.  Uncheck the Internet paths etc checkbox. OK your way back out.

Be aware that the above now applies to all the Excel spreadsheets that you open, but will not change existing hyperlink formats. BTW -Have a look at those Proofing options and see if changes there will make life easier!







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