Underneath the Developer tab—Part One

Did you know that Excel can help you with form creation?

If you circulate forms or questionnaires then there are some great little hidden tools in Excel that will make yours and the users life easier. To find these tools in Excel versions 2007 and 2010 you will need to expose the Developer tab.


In 2010 go File, Options, Customise Ribbon.  Ensure that the two drop down boxes are showing “Popular Commands” in the left one, and “Main Tabs” in the other. In the “Main Tabs” check the Developer box. OK that and now on the menu ribbon sits this new tab. SP32-07022013_2056

For 2007 click on the Office button, then Excel Options. In the Excel options menu select Popular from the left pane and check the “Show Developer tab in the Ribbon” check box. OK that and now on the menu ribbon sits this new tab.

Open the Developer tab, and select the Insert  button. The Form and ActiveX control options open.  In the form control section click on the scroll bar—by hovering over each icon the names are shown— in your spreadsheet the cursor has now changed to a cross.


Holding down the left mouse key  draw a box. Release the mouse key and the scroll bar appears in the box. Change the width and height using the box handles. Right click on the box and select Format Control from the menu. In the Cell Link box type in a cell reference e.g. H5 . OK that and now click on the up and down arrows on the Scroll Bar and watch the number change in the H5 cell.  Other toys to control min and max values etc in the menu.




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