Fancy Footers – And Headers

Using Print Headers and Footers

 Did you know that you can put a small image in your Header and Footer print areas? 

 You could get your logo to show on all printed documents:

 In Excel 2010 go to the Page Layout tab and click on the Page Setup box. Select the Header/Footer tab, then the Custom Header or Custom Footer button
.Image in report header

The Headers/Footers are split into three sections Left, Centre, and Right. Click into the section you want your image, select the image button (it’s the left hand one above the Right section).Image insert and edit buttons






A box will open for you to select an image from your files.

Once selected you may edit the image using the edit image button. Do ensure your image is the right size otherwise it will fill your page!

Lots of other buttons to experiment with in the Custom Headers/Footers options; Date and Time, Sheet tab and File names, Page numbers. Try the text formatting for some creative looking reports. Most options are available for versions 2007 and even 2003 


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