Re Naming Sheet Tabs – Copy & Paste can help

Did you know that you can use Copy and Paste functions to rename your sheets?

Step by step method:

Highlight the text you want to use either in a cell or in the formula bar. Use COPY from the Home tab in the toolbar or from the mouse menu*, or use CTRL+C.

Move the mouse to the sheet tab to be renamed. Right click and choose Rename from the mouse menu.

The existing sheet tab name is now highlighted. Click Paste from the Home tab in the toolbar, or from the mouse menu, or use CTRL+V.

Be aware there is a restriction of 28 characters for the sheet tab title, and if your copied text is greater, the Paste command does nothing.

Easy Peasey method:

CTRL+C; Double Click tab; CTRL+V

Here is an example I did earlier:
Excel Spreadsheet

* Mouse menu = Select a cell, right click and up it pops !


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