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Microsoft Excel is an essential tool for any business, large or small. As with most software programs the full functionality is often under-utilised, making it expensive for the use it gets. Untrained staff can spend too much time on repetitive tasks that are uninteresting and therefore prone to error. Often spreadsheets could be used to automate these tasks, which can save a large amount of time and avoid human error.

At Extra-Ordinary XL your Microsoft Excel training can cost less than you think. Group or One-to-One training will pay early dividends. Get the most out of your software investment. Call us now – for helpful friendly advice.

For those special Excel spreadsheet projects that your staff just cannot figure out, the Excel spreadsheet that always throws up errors or the file that takes ages to update each month, our Excel spreadsheet modelling and solutions service can help you to streamline your systems, reduce frustration and improve efficiency. Call us now – we may be able to help.

As with all analytical tools, the information that can be produced by a spreadsheet can only ever be as good as the raw data that populates it in the first place. In business accounting it is essential to be using an effective accounting software package that is properly set up. If you don’t already have accounting software, we recommend Kashflow, a web-based accounting package that is easy to use, reasonably priced and has been developed specifically to address the needs of small owner-managed businesses. Whether you use Kashflow or another program such as Sage or Quickbooks, we can help you to set up your accounting system to give you all the information you need to manage and develop your business.

To discuss how we can help you with training in Microsoft Excel, spreadsheet modelling or the setting-up of your business accounts package, call us on 01908 644673 or complete our enquiry form.